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Covid-19 Could Cause Permanent Shift Towards Home Working

According to a post in the Technology Section of The Guardian, dated March 13, 2020, Editor Alex Hearn reports that a good number of workers no longer want to return to the office... (I may be one of them). I too, had a private office where I saw clients in Vacaville, but that all changed. In March, 2020, I relocated my home to Fremont, a time when most public establishments were all closing down temporarily in response to the COVID-19 Pandemic. I never did get to re-establish a commercial location, but thrived doing online web-meetings.

I found using Google "Meet" from the Google Suite of applications to be the best offer out there. Zoom and other popular platforms had all changed their platforms and became so limiting (and expensive), but Google Meet seemed to still give me unlimited time in session and with an unlimited number of attendees to speak with.

I'm thinking why would I want to return to the expensive overhead that a private commercial office holds? Only if necessary will I do that. Perhaps I will open an office when my Group Classes pick back up, or in response to some other client-centered demand.

For now, i'll see you online. Please book a session with me today. I look forward to your next move!

Click onto Photo for a link to The Guardian Article

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