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US Air Force (Ret.)

Transpersonal Psychology from an

Eclectic-Spiritual Approach / Dream Interpretation Groups, and other

Spiritual Discussions such as Life-After-Life / Life In-between Lives / OBEs / NDEs / Extraordinary Experiences (Outside the 5-senses) / End of Life Planning or Group Discussions on these topics /

Life Transitions - School, Divorce, Empty Nest Syndrome / ACEs Early Trauma & Healing

Psycho-Social (Emotional Distress) / Grief / Loss / Relationship Challenges / Divorce Care / Co-Parenting Groups / Anger Management 

Substance Abuse & Addiction

"Emotional Distress Stops Here!"

Carol Breiling - The Mind ReAligned
My Philosophy


Finding peace, harmony and inner healing is what we all want in life.


Through my experiences, education and the sum-total of all things I’ve learned over the years;  I am encouraged and motivated to reach out and help others to find their own level of peace, harmony and inner healing.


I learned, that when we move too far away from our own center (or our own sense of North) - where we find ourselves compromising who we are far too many times... that's when we get off balance and all the trouble happens.  Realigning yourself back to "you" is in the forefront of my services to you through...

                                    “The Mind ReAligned”

FAQs of Life -  I work well with...


Relationship Issues * Sadness * Grief & Loss * Life Transitions * Divorce Care / Co-Parenting Support * Military Relationship Challenges * Substance Abuse / Addiction * Goal Setting * Encouragement * Marital Communication * Excessive Worry * Spiritual Dryness * Short-term Coaching Temporary Troubles * Consciousness Discussions * Dream Therapy * Discussions of Grief & Loss, Life-after-Life topics and Providing you with new Psycho-educational / spiritual and holistic perspectives to your emotional struggle(s) - Don't wait, call me today.

Individual Sessions - Caring, Empathetic, Soluton-focused
Couples Sessions - Offering Strategies, Techniques, New Perspectivs, Solution-focused
Individual, Couples and Families


Your Emotional Wellness is my highest concern.


Helping you to sort through the factors that led you to the distress you feel is where we begin...


We'll probably take a look at all alternative perspectives attached to that distress until we can decide what solutions would work best for "you" to help you through this difficult time

Your Emotional Distress Stops Here!

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