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From my Office while I was in Nevada


You see, no matter what religion you subscribe to or not, it really doesn’t matter.  When you move away from your own “North”, that’s when trouble begins.  The further you navigate away from who you truly are as an individual (and change for the sake of others or do things that you know do not reflect who you really are or what you really want from life), and that’s when turmoil sets in.

When what you’ve become, or the habits you developed do not reflect your deepest sense of being – your life will reflect a state of “incongruence”.  The state of incongruence in any one area of your life, over time, will act much like that of a cancer – it will spread to all the other areas of your life if left unattended.  You don’t want this to continue.  If it does, you’ll begin to feel emotional distress through many of your waking days and not only that, your sleep patterns may not be restful either (see my dream discussion group sessions).

You also probably know when you are at your weakest state, you can easily become prey for spiritual warfare to set in… that happens when negative thoughts may begin to dominate your mind making you unsure of everything you are and of everything you know.  This ugly state of being doesn’t have to continue though.  Here is one time, when “Change is Good”.  I can help you to make the positive change (or changes) you may be wanting right about now.

The first step is realizing “Something” in your life is out of whack, even if you don’t know just yet “what that something is”.  That’s where I come in… to help you navigate the current state you are in.  I help you to discover where the incongruences exist and “together”, you and I will come up with workable solutions that will bring you back to your own true “North”.  If you are a faith-based believer, your alignment with God may be a bit off right now… Let’s work together to get you back in alignment there too.

What is a Life Coach

What is a Life Coach ???

One of the biggest differences between a Life Coach and other methods of counseling is that a Life Coach's services are generally short-term vs. long term.  We will "get to the point" with the challenges you face in the shortest amount of time possible.

A Life Coach will also have a much more "direct approach" as opposed to an “indirect” (or textbook approach) – which most clients have no patience for – like everyone, they want solutions NOW – and secondly, clients hate to be asked… What do “you” think is causing the problem?  If you knew the answer to that, well, you wouldn’t need therapy now, now would you?  LOL  I do get that.

As for myself, my directive approach you will find that I tend to "cut-right-to-the-chase" with a solution-focused agenda that will help you to move you on your way in the shortest amount of time!  I guess you can also say that I don't sugar coat anything, I am pretty straightforward - just like a coach would be in a sport or specialized activity; but I'm not harsh at all.  I pride myself on having a very warm and "easy-to-talk-to" demeanor and I certainly don’t patronize my guests with some lofty presence.  I am professional, but not lofty.

I pride myself in being a “Down-to-Earth” Life Coach, very approachable, very understanding, and quite… well you guessed, “coach-like”, but without all the shouting and demands to do this or that like you’d see on a ball field – not entirely exactly like that kind of coach.  What I do know, is that in the sport of “life” we all make mistakes, and the goal is to get better at our game… that’s where I come in for you, helping you to “Step-up” in many areas of your life too – in the shortest amount of time and expense. 

A Life Coach is an EXPERT!
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