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Transcending the Storm

I watched a documentary on called, “Transcending the Storm”. It told of a very sad life story one person experienced that had started way back in his childhood. He recalled recurring dreams and nightmares that plagued him throughout his growing years.

Although this one man met so much grief, no matter how down he felt, he knew he had to keep looking “up to the stars” because he knew that “up” was where his hope existed. The author of the story had a near death experience that changed his life. He knew that when he came back to, that he was given a 2nd chance at life. He began to forgive everyone in his life who wronged him and felt redeemed all the days of his life afterward. Forgiveness of others is what you do for yourself. It is very freeing and opens the door to blessing.

Another individual, a woman, was in the midst of a deep depression. Searching for life’s answers, she decided to go into the woods for a walk. It was in a clearing, that the sun’s rays came in and were powerful. She felt an illumination of light that not only surrounded her, but also filled her, and she experienced an epiphany. Her sadness was healed and a transcendent gift filled her. She left the woods grateful for this experience. That was years ago. Today, she is a well-respected, world renown Shaman (teacher).

How about you? Many people who enter a spiritual journey begin their journey out of the result of pain and suffering. But be of good cheer, “Those who struggle the hardest surrender the deepest”. When there are two opposing forces that are at battle for your soul, you will wonder which one of these will win over the other… and the answer to that question is… “The one that you feed the most will win”. You must make the choice to take the high road when faced with challenges and depression. You must make a willful choice to change the energies around you to energies of love, peace and forgiveness. You see, anger toward others fills your soul like a vat of poison. Do you have the courage to forgive people who have hurt you?

Try this exercise… 1. Make a running list of all the people who have hurt you throughout your life by name or by an image taken from your memory. You may find that the hardest one on the list to forgive may end up being “yourself”, so place your own name upon that list as well. 2. Then pick out a personal song or hymn that you love. A tune that is so special that simply hearing it can bring redemption. Find the tune online or pull out the cd that hosts it. Play it once. While it is playing, close your eyes, and clear your mind of all negative thoughts. In the process, while the song is playing, allow yourself to feel love, an intense love that overwhelms your soul. Think about happier memories across your life span while the song is playing… recall all the sweet things. 3. Then walk to a nearby hillside or wooded area and gather stones along the way, hold them in a pocket or satchel. Use each stone as a symbol of an individual from your list that you need to forgive. Collect more stones for others that you need to thank. At some point in your walk, stop a moment. Whisper into the breeze, endearing things for each individual and toss the stone that represents them over the hill or way into the wooded area. Surrender “all” your pain with each stone or magnify the blessing from each of the people that you needed to thank. 4. On your way back home or down the hill, whistle, hum, or think about the comforting song you played before and be filled with the spirit of joy that rightfully belongs to you. When you see the sunset this evening, know that your pain is also setting. Tomorrow’s dawn will bring a new day and a new life into your world… all for your embrace.

Suffering is a natural part of every person’s journey but we can’t let the suffering surround us every single day. We need to willfully take steps to transcend the storms of life, and know with all your heart that dreams can and do come true when they are not blocked by negative energies. Also, dreams are not restricted to only fairytales. Move into your new life with a heart full of joy and exuberance as you transcend your storms of your life today.

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