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From Ordinary to Extraordinary...

When we try to imagine the limits, or the power of the Human Mind, we can easily begin to ponder when and if “we” have stretched our own capabilities to those limits. What that would be like???

Most individuals do have the ability to expand the capacity of their own mind in ways that allows them to experience phenomena that actually lie “outside” the natural five (5) senses.

Which of the Following phenomena have YOU experienced?

Intuition – A gut feeling that defies logic

Prophecy / Premonitions – knowing something is going to happen before it actually does

ESP Extra Sensory Perception – Did you ever know who was calling on the phone without seeing who it is by caller id? Do you sometimes know the thoughts of another individual (like your spouse) without either of you verbalizing them?

Dreams – A message brought to you through subtle symbols, and images or recurrent themes – What do they represent? Is it possible that your subconscious can connect to the spirit world through dreaming?

Faith Healing – All healing is faith healing! When when we take a pill, we have faith or expect results, right? Or can healing be due to the power prayer or a supernatural touch when all odds are stacked against the ailing individual for recovery?

Near Death Experiences – People that actually die, but are brought back to tell about their experience

Psychometry – You know, we are not made up of just physical elements, we are made up of energy particles – Can our energy connect with other sources of energy? Do you like to walk through nature because it makes you feel so peaceful, so free? Is it possible that your vibrational energy is connecting to the vibrations of nature?

Channeling – Not many of us are Mediums, but have you ever felt the presence of a departed loved one? Isn’t that a form of channeling? Are you curious to know more about this?

Clairvoyance / Clairaudience – Simply means clear sight, clear hearing. When you are in silent thought, can you actually have a conversation (or feel thoughts transmitted to you) from a loved one who has passed on? Could this feeling be outside the natural five (5) senses? I’m willing to bet that it could be.

So, What has been your experience?

I know these are just some of the phenomena that we can experience, but if you would like to attend a free discussion group at a private residence in Gardnerville, then please contact me, Carol Breiling at 775-392-3306 or text to 707-365-8008. This blog entry was brought to you with passion about the oddities of life!


Carol - The Mind ReAligned

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